4) Become Rich like Warren Buffett, the Best Investor in the World with Evan Bleker

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Today I’m joined by Evan Bleker, Founder of Broken Leg Investing and NetNetHunter.com. Evan has over 15 years of investment experience and he’s here to guide you through the world of value investing and one of the best kept secrets on Wall Street – Net Net Stocks.

In this episode, Evan will tell you all about:

  • The mistakes people make when they try to imitate Warren Buffett
  • The challenges of value investing and key mentalities to overcome them
  • How to balance a quantitative and qualitative approach to identifying investments
  • How to start investing in “Net Net Stocks” – What are they? Where do you find them? How much of your portfolio should you invest?

Evan will cover all of this and much much more…

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